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the life and times of the dude

im not too fond of my weiner, it only gets me in trouble...im just gonna cut it off...

"if the bear's hungry, he'll eat"

thanks to: the mars volta, glenn danzig, the misfits 77' to 83', kings of leon, bloc party, robitussin, bob odenkirk for existing, evelyn, mommy, chris and trish, satan, weed, megaman, poison the well, all of the jackass members except wee-man, dante alghieri and shakespeare, jason zembuch, the entire wu-tang clan, huey p. newton, fidel castro, fight club, american psycho, batman, god (i guess), the lord of the rings trilogy, darth vader, at the drive-in, edwin chavez, cky, interpol, pharoeh(sp?) monch, easy rider, slaves, wonder showzen, james brown, the entire gay community, frank sinatra, arizona green tea, elefant, barry white, johnny cash, my sister, sin city, underoath, gorillaz, tenacious d, madonna, stone cold steve austin, A.C.L.U, and anyone else i couldnt think of off the top of my head.

fuck you to: the police(not the super cool band, the actual police dept.), the guy who single handedly stopped the legalization of marijuana (i forget his name), any guy who gets off on beating up girls, jesus freaks who are really assholes in disguise, george w bush (cliche, but truer words couldnt be spoken)